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World Cities Project : 3rd Meeting in Busan


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​World Cities Project : 3rd Meeting in Busan

​On April 20, there was a 3rd meeting of World Cities Project in Busan Metropolitan City, Republic of Korea.

This meeting is closing review of the EU-CityNet World Cities Project that fosters exchange between the European and Korean cities. The cities participating in the project are four Korean cities - Seoul, Suwon, Gwangju and Busan - and European pairs - Eindhoen (Netherlands), Scottish Cities (UK), Tampere (Finland) and Barcelona (Spain).​ The city of Tampere is a Gwangju's pair city.

Before the final meeting, bilateral meeting between Gwangju (UEA Secretariat) and Tampere is held to prepare for the final presentation on April 19. Gwangju and Tampere discussed potential areas of cooperation such as Climate Change Response, Renewable Energy, Smart City, Air Quality, etc. And also we are considering to sign MoU between Gwangju and Tampere, which will be an important step forward.


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Busan hosted 3rd meeting of World Cities Project on April 20.

First of all, there was a welcome remarks by Yunil Kim, Director General of Culture & Tourism Bureau, Busan Metropolitan City and Youngmin Chang, Director of Programs, CityNet. And, the project summary presented by Ronald Hall, Principal Advisor DG REGIO, EU and he also encourages cities' cooperation on sustainable urban development​. Most of all, it has been emphasized that cities' cooperation will continue in the future although the World Cities Project has been terminated.

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